We Don't Back Down - Mcclin

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We Don't Back Down Lyrics

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It was the hard times that made me, I've traveled the world and felt pain and gain, I've been stopped by sorrow and loss, but I kept my head high, keep it pushing and never learned to love the lie.
I'd reach out to homies and embrace my family, hard time, tight rhymes, when the night was dark, love lead me to the path, avoided God's wrath that brought me closer to the truth, taught me about love and all that we need to do.
Cracked my brain, rocked my soul, yeah the hard times, the bitter taste, turned to fine wine, in time, and delivered to me "The Keys to the Kingdom of Music" Y'all bout to get to know McClin, it's a journey of trust, a trip to the real, the highs and the lows, let me make you feel the Keys to the Kingdom of Music. Keys to the Light, we the good time thugs who party all night, McClin got your back, let's kick this off, out with the old, now meet the new Boss..

McClin is a multilingual artist and producer, who studied Audio Engineering and Video Clip Editing at the Sae Institute in Rotterdam, and English at the Webster University in Leiden the Netherlands (Holland). His self-motivation, confidence, spiritual faith in addition to contributions made by business associates, Mr. Elivis G. Morris, Lutty Casiano, John B., Sergio Wang Chang, Zina and his global partner in the musical world "BUMA / STEMRA " located the Netherlands, which enabled him to reach the masses and be known among other acclaimed artists. McClin represents the finest qualities of the current leaders in the hip hop industry. He is driven with a passion for all aspects of the industry, including production, performing, composing and recruitment of new talent. McClin is a team player committed to the harnessing of all creative resources necessary to develop groundbreaking beats and revolutionary sounds. He rocks the musical world with unique style and lyrical hits: "Gloyia Ziala", "Love Understanding", "Is in the Night", "Given It All" and "Ladies". Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Sosa, Dance Hall, Reggae and Gospel are his specialties. Without a doubt, McClin is a gifted songwriter, lyricist, singer, rapper, musician, dancer, stage performer and choreographer for video clips. McClin target audience 17-35, KEY- sharp lyrics, powerful flow, upbeat vibe, originality and accessibility.

McClin has performed in the Netherlands from 2001-2006: the Schefferspop festival, Bibelot, Popcentrale and the Doll Hols in Dordrecht, the Club Hedon in Zwolle, Het Podium in Hoogeveen, Echo in Utrecht, Paradiso, Club Bitterzoet, The 911 Club in Hamkader and Mixt Racism Festival in Amsterdam, Night Town and Club Callipso in Rotterdam, Challenge in Hoofddorp.

McClin has performed with numerous national and international artists such as: Dash-B, Dewi, LT, Mil.T, M.T the Dogg, Jozie B, Esson ( D-Kaya) G.Circle, Party Squad, Phil Martins, Jemina, Merel, Dircy, Ebon-E, Guluman, Mickielious, Diamond, Soul Buggie, Peter Adrews, Ruth-D etc...

With the dream of bringing the world new flavours of hot musical joints, which will satisfy the needs of all fans of R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop, McClin came to Canada to do his big thing in a big swing. He performed at the "Pharaoh" in Winnipeg, "Petite" in Montreal, "Tropicana", "Re verb", "Cottage Lunch", "Government", and other events in Toronto. So watch out for McClin all you club clubbers, party crushers, music lovers, for he's that new jam coming up..
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