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1) I is a Norwegian supergroup that plays heavy metal with black metal influences. The band c...

I :Scintilla

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Formed in 2003, Illinois-based quartet is spearheaded by Brittany Bindrim (vocals/words). Providing the sonic canvas for her voice are newly added Bet...

I Am Abomination

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I Am Abomination are a "progressive post-hardcore" band formed in Taylor, Michigan in 2007. They self-released their debut EP Jaw-Dropper in 2008. T...

I Am Alpha and Omega

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In early 2007, I Am Alpha and Omega began to form. The northern New Jersey based band quickly gathered a following, and in 2008 the members found them...

I Am Arrows

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I Am Arrows is an indie rock band founded by former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows in June 2009. Eleven days after he left Razorlight, it was reveale...

I Am Empire

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Sometimes the most compelling art can come from life’s greatest struggles, which in the case of Tooth & Nail newcomers I Am Empire, only added fuel...

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